TinyDB stores values on Companion, but not on installed APK

Hi, I am buiding an app to store phisycal evaluations of HIV+ children for a research project in Brazil. I can store and call variables from TinyDB when testing the app on companion, but once I install the apk on any cellphone, it doesn’t work. Any thoughts? Thanks in advance!

After Seeing through your block, we can tell anything.

Sorry @NoobCoder it´s my first post and I am also a really begginer coder. Thank you!

This is not the way of doing it, this red crosses means something


in this case if you click on it


Corect way of doing it

Thank you Boban! Will try and get back

It didn’t work @Boban … well, it works fine on Companinon, but once I install the APK on the phone or emulator, it doesn’t.

Share your AIA and I will review it

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Test.aia (247.6 KB)

Thank you Gaston! It will help a lot. :heart:

How about removing this block


because every time you start the app, values in TinyDB are deleted.


@Boban it did work! I am shoked… as I understand it, TinyDB should only be cleared when loading Screen1. After that, everything stored should be kept in the database and loaded on the next screens. I don´t understand why, but it did work. Thank you!

@Gaston , no need to check the code. Thank you!

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