Help with TinyDB Block

I Am Creating an App where major User Data is Stored onto the Device Using TinyDB. But Tiny DB Does not Store data again



Explaining the Blocks: I check is a TinyDB Tag called “Data” is Stored on the DB with Some Random text. if yes some text is found the the code proceeds to the app
if no tag is found ie. if it the data is empty then app Saves all the Tags regarding User Info as Null/0/empty as required.
Now for Testing Purpose, Everytime the Screen Initializes it saves Data as Empty. so that i can test if the Data is saving correctly

issue: Now my Data is not getting reset everytime the screen initializes. it just calls the previous data is giving errors

Do you want to clear whole TinyDB when user opens the app again ?

Just clear TinyDB to get a clean database

No I need that only when I am testing. But still once I saved a data in tinydb it doesn’t change later. The whole point is lost on the use of we cannot update it

Thanks I will try

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