Text box number type negative value bug found. i think

can anyone check if the textbox with number or decimal type accepts negative values or not. i have tried it but it seems not working in the companion.

It works, at least in my calculator app

it works… i checked

edit : it works only if i choose input type as phone no.
input type - number and decimal number not accepting negative values.

@Deepanshu_Arya @ImranTariq can you guys check again with the number and decimal type


you are right its only working in phone no now,

Try this


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yes ill checket not working in decimal number in my Hettich book now app

Thank you for the suggestion mr @Boban but i want to make this app with kodular components only… No extension used… For now I will stick with the phone no type… That will do the trick.


We are working on this and should have it in next release

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