Text box text replacement

I want to replace every letter of text.box text with a different letter.
Mean if text box contains text= I m Kodular"
Then “I” should be replaced by “1” and “m” replaced by “5” and K" by "8 and so on. Every character get replaced by other different character
Suggests me ways to do get this done


Anything you tried then show blocks first…

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I tried silly things but they did not work because i have no idea to do this. Even not a simple logic​:shushing_face::face_with_hand_over_mouth:

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Atleast you have to show your blocks…

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tried only this​:shushing_face::face_with_hand_over_mouth:

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is there any progress with the case? I need the same data. I stuck at same place with similar codes.

U r doing it correctly is not it working?

Why do you use the procedure for? It doesn’t do anything other then returning the same value it is passed to it?


It only converts b to 2, not a to 1. If I put c at the bottom then it will only convert c, not b and a.

This is why:

Adsoyad_text = “aabbccddeeff”

Sonuc_text = replace all “a” for “1” in adsoyad_text
Now Sonuc_text = “11bbccddeeff”
Sonuc_text = replace all “b” for “2” in adsoyad_text
Now Sonuc_text = “aa22ccddeeff”

You never change the text in adsoyad, so adsoyad goes back to being “aabbccddeeff” everytime.

Don’t know just compiled some codes from different places. I am a beginner but I got what you mean. Code works without procedure. So could you help me about the problem?

Read about the TEXT blocks.
You need to make a procedure to make a single “function” to replace any letter given for its place number in a string:

Example: You have the string “abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz”. If you want to convert “c” to the number 3, you just use the block “START AT” to get the number 3, because “c” is the third letter in that string.

Again, check the text blocks (the red ones). You will find all you need there.

My intention is not to get the place number of a text. for example adsoyad_text is “berk koc”. I want to convert this letters to certain numbers (b is 2, e is 5,) like in the image below. Then my intension is to add them all and find a number. Then call a text according to number. I know it is a complete programming but I explored all guide pages but nothing found useful.

PS: sorry for my english.

I know what you want. And by getting the letter’s place number, you are converting the letter into a number in a much easier way than that you showed in your blocks.

Thank you for advice but I don’t need the place number. Because “A” should only be “1” independant of the place. So is there any other operation after getting place number of the letter which I couldn’t understand?

This can give you a lot of Ideas

I don’t think you understand. A will always be 1 because in the alphabet string a is the first letter. The alphabet string IS NOT the string to convert. So you need to grab letter by letter of the string to convert and find the position of that letter in the alphabet string. You get 1 for a, 2 for b, etc. And repeat the same process for each character in the text to convert.

You should do

[block1]set sonuc Text to

replace all text : adsoyad text
segment: a
replacement: a[/block1]

[block2]set sonuc Text to


get sonuc text

replace all text : adsoyad text
segment: a
replacement: a[/block2]

I hope you understand. If you want me to make the blocks I could do that too

I would be grateful for the first two letters.

Ok Italo thank you. The code in Daily Challenge #4 (your code) looks more suitable. Because I don’t need the numbers place in alphabet string. As you can see in the image I attached in previous post, J is also equals 1.

I created a solution as below. It is long but working.


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