Text Join SQL query is wrong

Hi All

Can anyone tell me why this Join is showing the wrong DO IT?

(just to prove that there is nothing wrong with the query string)

and how to fix it (besides replacing the join)



I believe you have clicked it before the action triggers in companion mode…

Once the companion connected with creator , try to execute the event it by clicking a button then click do it.

Thanks but these blocks are in screen initialize so It should be right every time, No?

Yes it should show… don’t know what is happening. In screen inti use tinydb clear all. And start from the beginning, saving value in tinydb and try

Clear all value from tinydb and retest it


Problem is that if I clear all TinyDB nothing will work as I depend on values picked up earlier (but let me look at that quickly)


Ok… just testing only… after the screen ini drag the web url and right click on it for do it and check up the comple url… if that too wrong mean you can lodge it as bug.


Thanks busy testing. Will try in a bit.


I think it most certainly is a bug because the ONLY thing that sorts it out is if I change the JOIN with a new one.

Try something like this, I added a temp label to test

But for me it works also as

Yes, Dora, I agree

The problem is NOT that the Joins dont work always. Most times they do or else my entire app would fail

The problem seems to be when you have used (i think) the join for something else and try to reuse it again

It doesnt seem to FLUSH the last string???

If possible you can share us your full blocks to check up

Till now haven’t noticed it. I usually refresh my screen on changes or even disconnect companion and connect again to test latest changes while working in an app, just to be sure :slight_smile:

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Ive done all that, and still the problem persists ???

with plesure

How do I share the block?

Right click on when screen.initialize block, download blocks as png, upload it here

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but you will only get a useless png file, without the functionality but OK

This is not true, the png that you save is also containing all the code used. See more info here

thanks, I am suprised


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oh, I changed the join so now its gone. but it will happen again so next time! :slight_smile:

but this one just failed

blocks - 2021-09-07T173935.449

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