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You are welcome. :blush:

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Can you tell me, how do you make the corner round of custom dialog when we click on info button…

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Can you also tell me that how do you set blue border in reverse button

if you provide image previews,
then others too might try to help.

See this two pictures, i want to know that how he created blue border in text box, green border in button and also how he set round corners in custom notifier

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Use Decoration Component.

That is Custom made Design Notifier with Card View.

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Oh ok, i got it but can you tell me did he use card view with notifier or is it a custom notifier component

this one is correct.

Ohk… thank you very much :blush:

Hey, I can’t find that extension anywhere, can you give me the link of custom notifier

This may help you.


Or with this component you can created a custom notifier

I used Card view for making custom dialog.

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Also, I used Card View for the borders in the buttons and on text fields.

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you use converter extension right? i am also making simila app

For What ?

I used PixelLab Mobile Application for design all the assets & shots.

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convert text to other type

No, i just used conversion methods.

Very Nice App !! U.I Is Also Great … Great Work … Keep it Up… :thumbsup: