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Description :

Texty is the mobile app that helps you to convert your text into different styles & formats. It also helps you to encode or decode your text in different formats. This app is completely free and does not contain any ads.

Some Features :

  • Reverse Text Generator
  • Blank Text Generator
  • Text Repeater
  • WhatsApp Direct Message
  • Text to Emoji Coverter
  • Stylish Text Generator
  • Text Encoder & Decoder
  • Text Decorator
  • Encode Into : ASCII, Characters, Binary, Hex, Decimal, Morse
    Decode From : ASCII, Characters, Binary, Hex

    Screenshots :

    Special Thanks To :
  • Kodular (Creator)
  • PixiiBomb (Binary Conversion Method)
  • Deep Host (Custom List View Extension)
  • elmanhossendev (EmojiTools Extension)

  • Version Log :

  • V9.0 :-
    Some Minor Improvements

  • V8.0 :-
    Some Minor Improvemets
    Added New Text Decorator Feature

  • V7.0 :-
    Some Minor Improvemets
    Added New Stylish Text Generator Feature

  • Please help me to improve this app by sending your precious feedback.

    Downloads :


    Nice app, your UI is cool :grin::v:

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    Thanks Maayur :pray:

    UI is Really Clean and Appealing.
    Keep Up The Good Work.

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    Such an cool & clean ui.keep it up

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    App ui looks very great :grin: :cool:…But please remove personal info from the topic emails, etc…As it’s not allowed…Anyone can message you here by pm…


    Nice app and Cool UI :clap::clap:
    Can you please tell me which app you used to create app screenshots, I mainly uses InstaMocks.


    Nice UI
    Really amazing :heart:

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    Such an Awesome UI :heart_eyes:
    Loved it.
    I am Curious to Know How have you made the screenshots ? , Looks so Professional.
    Please share How you made screen shots


    Wow cool UI, keep on doing great things.



    WoW! Hats off to you.
    Great UI. clean app. Loved it!


    Looks really good.

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    Good work. :relieved::relieved::relieved:
    One suggestion: I saw that your app doesn’t have ‘Contains Ads’ written below your app in the Google Play Store that means you’ve marked that your app does not contains any ads.

    Even though, you didn’t put any ads in your app, you should mark that your app has ads because Kodular compiles AD networks SDKs too.

    I’ve faced this issue so I’m just warning you, else Google will remove/suspend the app. Please update your app info in the Play Console.

    Just a suggestion. :upside_down_face:


    Thanks @golumaths100 for your complements & suggestions. I had updated the “Contains Ads” in Store listing. Thanks a lot. :pray:

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    I removed your personal info. you are a long time member here so you should know that it is not allowed.

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    You are welcome. :blush:

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    Can you tell me, how do you make the corner round of custom dialog when we click on info button…

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    Can you also tell me that how do you set blue border in reverse button

    if you provide image previews,
    then others too might try to help.

    See this two pictures, i want to know that how he created blue border in text box, green border in button and also how he set round corners in custom notifier

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