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Use Decoration Component.

That is Custom made Design Notifier with Card View.

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Oh ok, i got it but can you tell me did he use card view with notifier or is it a custom notifier component

this one is correct.

Ohk… thank you very much :blush:

Hey, I can’t find that extension anywhere, can you give me the link of custom notifier

This may help you.


Or with this component you can created a custom notifier

I used Card view for making custom dialog.

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Also, I used Card View for the borders in the buttons and on text fields.

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you use converter extension right? i am also making simila app

For What ?

I used PixelLab Mobile Application for design all the assets & shots.

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convert text to other type

No, i just used conversion methods.

Very Nice App !! U.I Is Also Great … Great Work … Keep it Up… :thumbsup: