Advances social tools app with cool UI

What is the name of your app?

Whats Toolskit Pro

Describe your app:

Its a tools app that can generate
@multiple copies of a text
@stylish text
@text to emoji
@blank text
@text sender without saving number
@mirror text, flip text and reverse text
Its main feature is its cool and amazing UI

Regards and credits

i m very thankful to kodular team for such a great platform
i used following extensions

Phase • Animations made easy! by @Shreyash

App Inventor Extensions: Clipboard Manager | Pura Vida Apps Clipboard Extension extension by @Taifun

Country_Code_Picker_Extension By @Deep_Host
SmartAppRate extension By @Deep_Host

I didn,t find @Deephost’s account so i m giving him credits by adding link of his extensions


Please check it
And share your openion about it and suggest me improvements as well as test it for error
I’ll be very grateful if you find me some errors or help me to improve its design or functions


App Store/Download link:

AIA file (Optional)

Plz Dont ask for aia…

Its one of special feature is that it allows the selection of only one emoji and no.of texts… that all other apps of such kind created in kodular cannot provide. :relieved:

Superub Brooo

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It would be helpful for other app developers and extension developers if you explain which extensions you used in your app in your topic.

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thanks for appriciation

You misspelled “Phase” as well as “Animation”. :sweat_smile:

thank you for using the clipboard exension
keep up the good work


i corrected it. :upside_down_face:

u r wlcm
Congratulations for your great work. its really very helpful. :heart_eyes:

nice work, and Deep host Account on Kodular is @Deep_Host


thanks for appriciation. I updated Deep host’s name.

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NICE APP Keep up the good work

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Thank u for your appriciation.
It means a lot for me.

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Direct message in whatsapp?

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yes it works even when u have not saved the number of recipient.

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