IndiTools - All In One Tools App

App Name : IndiTools

Description : IndiTools is a free all in one tool app. It helps you to use your device in a better way by saving your device's space from different apps for different proposes.

:smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Made In India With :heart:

Features :

  • Flashlight
  • Text To Speech
  • WhatsApp Status Saver
  • WhatsApp Business Status Saver
  • WhatsApp Direct Message
  • Text Funny Faces
  • Text Repeater
  • Text To Emoji
  • QR Code Scanner & Generator
  • PDF Viewer
  • FB Video Downloader
  • Screenshots :

    Special Thanks To :

  • Kodular (Creator)
  • puravidapps (Taifun Flashlight Extension)
  • Deep Host (Custom List View Extension)
  • Deep Host (WhatsApp Story Saver Extension)
  • Deep Host (PDF Viewer Extension)
  • elmanhossendev (EmojiTools Extension)
  • (FB Video Downloader Api)
  • :pray: :pray: :pray: :pray: :pray: :pray:

    Downloads :



    Nice work keep it up :+1:

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    Ui is awesome and unique

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    Nice app and again cool UI :ok_hand:

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    Congratulations. Nice UI ! :+1:

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    Using which app have you designed the screenshots?

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    Nice Ui…
    But Status Saver is giving an error

    Dear @ammar5287 It’s because of Storage Permission.
    Please allow it first. Thanks for downloading the app. :pray:

    Good work. Keep it up :+1:

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    I have granted permission

    There can be two reasons for this:
    1.Either status folder doesn’t exist
    2.Wrong path

    i am also using deephost extension and its working fine in my phone…