Text to emoji font extension

Now it is easy to make a text to emoji app

In kodular .
I have make a extension for do this .

you will find use instruction in the aia file

Download link for aia file:

Download link for the extension and aia file:

texttool.aia (8.6 KB)

Download extension file:



you forgot to add anything as link or etc.


Add Horizontal text style.

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Download link in the app​:point_down::point_down::point_down::point_down:

well, it does not seem to be easy, if I first have to install an app from Google Play… what about providing a download link of the extension directly here in this thread including an example proejct?



Sorry for a bug in my app

Please Rename the file at the end of the download and attach the .aix (for extension)
and aia(for aia file) end of it.

I will fix the bug as soon as possible


I will add it in next update

what is this?
Please edit your first post and add the correct download links of the aix and aia
thank you



Sorry @elmanhossendev but Kodular will not promote your app in this way.

Unlisted until requirements are met (See Taifun’s post above)

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I have decided to serve all aix extension , aia file ,
And other graphics elements for 100% free of cost.

So, I need user on my app to do that .
You are a app developer and you understand it better.

Sorry, for not giving a direct download link .