The ad banner doesn't work

Hi, I created an app and inserted a startapp ad banner in it, added an ID (registered a startapp account and added the app there).
But the banner doesn’t appear inside the app. What could be the problem?

Have you setup the block - Startapp banner loadad?

Send your block images, so that I can get to know what’s the problem!

Send A Screenshot Of Your Blocks

If your app is not available on Playstore or you are not going to publish your app on Playstore then first you have apply for monetization approval then only your app can show ads

How do I set up ad blocks to make my ads work?
Could you give an example?

It’s very easy to setup the block of startapp ad.
First of all enter the correct app id and make sure visible is checked.

Then setup the block in every screen where you want to show ad.

But remember you’ll need monetization approval from Kodular to show ads in your app or else you’ll get a popup showing your has not been approved to show ads.