The App is not Show

simply by compiling the app as APK and then installing it on the cell phone, the icon is not displayed and it does not let you start it.

I have tried with different names of packages, I have changed the images and icons that I have and nothing works, I have created the app several times and neither

voxdeiradio.aia (165,5 KB)

Did you use transparent PNG as icon???

There are some topics about it already. There is even a guide explaining how to solve the problem:

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I am using a transparent PNG that I had already used in another application that I have compiled and worked well

What you named your app “.” Or something, try to change image to normal if even then problem persists use above mentioned topic to know more

i will read it, I did not look for more topics in the forum because a week ago I was struggling with this and I saw that the posts on this topic had no answer … but in this case it is different …

thank you…

Working Great, Thank you @Boban you can delete this post, to not repeat topics…

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