The app restarts frequently

I have noticed that after updating the app there is a bug, the app closes and opens itself frequently, my mobile is a huawei p10 lite, but on a mobile huawei mate 20 lite it restarts more frequently.

To exchange the screens I use the following block (I have multiple screens on the same screen, in addition to other independent screens):


Link from play store.

are you using clock component??

@Xoma Sorry for the delay, I had some personal inconveniences.
I have two clocks, one is to close the app and the other is to download automatically. But the clocks are not connected to open or close another screen.

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Instead of using close application block use close screen block




Its a bug, it happended more than 10 times for me, try creating that project again,
Happy koding

dont duplicate the block procedure, try creating it again from an empty procedure… I agree in that opening it has some bugs, i experience that last year, i just only create new procedure for opening a screen.

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Does it happen when you change the screen? After what action?

When you are on the main screen or when you switch to another screen.

Something happened, a while ago I tried to reproduce the error in two of the mobiles (described in previous messages) … but the problem no longer occurs.

Furthermore, I uninstalled the app from the Play Store and installed it by exporting the app from the kodular website, and the problem disappeared.

I know there must be a programming error.

PD: I still haven’t modified anything with the suggestions described above.