The application stopped working on some phones

Good afternoon. I ran into the following problem - my application works well on one phone(android 9 miui 11.0.60), but crashes without any visible errors on the other(android 11 miui12.5.6). The previous version of my application worked well on all phones, after that the changes were minor. (The previous version of my application was created before the last update of KODULAR, maybe it’s an update?) Maybe someone can help me or suggest in which direction to look for errors?
(sorry for my bad english)

In the google play console, l managed to find out at least something about the error. Can anyone explane it?

Please, Read :point_down:

Thanks for the answer, but that’s not the point.
I found the reason : Unity Ads - only works with target API 29, crashes on API 30.

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