The blocks area did not load properly. Changes to the blocks for screen 5497716845051904_Screen1 will not be saved

I am losing my 1 year project, I can’t get enough solution in the community, please help me how can I fix this

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I guess you have made backups if it is so important to you. So load a version that doesn’t have this problem.

you mean it has no solution ?

i have paid for kodular commission removal so when i use my backup how is that fixed?

even I cannot import my backup aia please help

it looks like your project got corrupted
load your latest working backup and restart from there
see also MIT App Inventor 2 Tips – TWO DOG APPS

I can’t import my backup, it says server error, is there something wrong i made?

Do you tell your users that you collect and store all the accounts from their phones? It seems you are doing something that is illegal.

Before uploading your backup let see what the staff says about this, @Conor any advice.

Your project fails on Left_icon_url as it doesn’t exist.


To upload your backup you need to get rid of some assets (images), server doesn’t seem to accept if there are too many assets.

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Yes i have terms and condition, it is not illegal i have privacy policy

Thank you so much for your response, i just feel alive,
If i remove the blocks fail will it be fixed?

Can you show your conditions and your privacy policy?

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Privacy Policy
This is my terms and condition Terms & Conditions

I have uploaded to playstore have 1700 active user
The main functionality is social media and contact sharing app based on the data user filled it will generate qr code, i stated everything in the playstore description and also it won’t backup automatically without user interaction


You are really life save, Thank you so much a lot also Thank you the community, when i add the missing file you stated it works, Thank you again, you have no idea how much i was frustrating

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I am beginner so if there is something legal paper other than privacy policy i should add please recommend,

Read contacts, Access external storage . The information that I request will be retained on your device and is not collected by me in any way.

This is from your Privacy Policy. I know for a fact that you collect all contacts from users and save it on your own server. You use FTP to do this.


You are right but it is not in the way you said, It is by button if user need to backup contacts they will press backup button it is not without user permission, in the next update i will add agreement button to terms and condition if necessary i will update my terms
If anything wrong or illegal please suggest me to do in the right way, I am not spammer or illegal person i need to keep all things safe and also according to kodular community standard so if anything wrong i will correct

I have Question about monetization and commission removal, because previously i have paid to remove commission and got approved monetization but now when i import backup i am not approved plus no commission removal, can you say something about this also?


All imported projects are treated as new one regardless if project is backup or not…

I mentioned above that you should wait

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I already Uploaded, So have i made a mistake or still can wait?