The enable "Use Background Color" property in Notifier Show List Picker not working

Hi Koders,

I was using the Notifier Show List Picker with Use Background colour enabled in properties, but it still shows the default back ground colour.

The Notifier Kodular Docs says
Show List Picker

Shows a list picker dialog. You can use the “Light Theme” property to have a light or dark background. Or you enable “Use Background Color” property to use the background color property as background dialog color.

My properties setting is :

My block is :

Output is :

I am using bluestack emulator, could this be an issue?

Any help is appreciated.


Turn On Light Theme

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This was happening with me also. I am not able to change background colour of notifier to white.

Here is my problem topic:

I think its a bug.

By the way, you try it in real apk and confirm it.

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As @The_K_Studio.
Try it after building apk and inform us…
Because I have a alternative for it…

Turning on the light theme allowed me to choose the 'back ground colour" and display it. So I guess this is the solution and hence marking it.

But Show List Picker Document is misleading. Also this does not resolve another issue : The “Text colour” is still black. The text colour of Notifier Show Alert is showing the set colour, but the Notifier Show List Picker does not. Building APK does not solve the “Text colour” issue.

Should I can create another topic about the Text colour issue ?

I am marking this solved for Notifier Background colour.


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