Notifier background colour problem

I checked previous topics, but its not working.

I am showing normal message and circular progress dialog with kodular inbuilt notifier component.

When app’s theme is set to default and tried changing background colour of notifier to white, but its not working.

When app theme is set to light or dark then it is showing white background but not in default theme. (I cant use app light or dark theme as it changes the title bar text colour to black).

I tried by both methods using light theme of notifier and by setting background colour to white but not working.

Tried in apk.

It will only work on custom build notifier

For me this is a bug, but since most of the users don’t have a clue about this on how the Theme should look, there is not much complaining about this.

If I’m not mistaking use this to change color

I also thinking, its a bug.

I have already tried this, but when screen initialize the title bar text colour remains black and after some time (few seconds) it changes to white.

I don’t have this issue

Idk why, but it’s not working that way for me, too.

I always set Use Background Color to true and Light theme to false, but when I want it totally black, it shows a dark gray BG in Companion.

Maybe this is the issue? Companion? Does somebody know?


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