The Features we want next?

I want following features to be added next:

  1. Adding “Wait” Component
  2. Kodular to be Cross-Platform
  3. Lag free
    and much more…

Please elaborate. This can be done by using a spinning progress

I mean WAIT will wait or delay given second then continue the process

During wait nothing happens so why wait. The app completely stops to work. Use a clock component if you want some time during which you can show an animation or something.

Clock will kinda complicated,
We can use wait like getting all value from Firebase “Tag List”.
and wait certain seconds untill all are loaded.

That is not what wait does. Wait does nothing.

Firebase has already a block that is triggered when you have the taglist

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but what about other features???

You can save the hex code of that color instead

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folders to keep the blocks organized in the same project.

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And you didn’t even say please. :sunglasses:

Here you can find interesting things to read about, such as why wait is a bad idea App Inventor Links | Pura Vida Apps

You will have it in the :kodular: when :appinventor: is done with it

Some users will always experience this


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Can you integrate ZOHO CRM? Even they provide SDK for the web and App

If I understood this correct
Me too thought that it should be there (in the past)
on button1 click
Wait 5 seconds and set label1.text to “welcome”

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I want a block that is able to make color #12345600(FF) instead of RGB. Please!

Maybe I do not understand the coding behind, so this is maybe not possible. Otherwise that would surely have already been implemented.

Perhaps the Colour Utilities component in the Utilities category helps?

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Maybe this could help?

I know it’s not exactly what you say, but it could be a “basis” for the use of the component

My wish came true before I expressed it.

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