The idea of extension

We all know the dynamic elements that have become fascinating lately

But it lacks one element

This element is a horizontal arrangement

Any attempt to make a horizontal arrangement even if with minimal characteristics will be the focus of attention

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And ya here we go i am creating a dynamic components extension:smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
lets create dynamic horizontal arrangement first

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free for me :sweat_smile:

:sweat_smile:Have not decided yet to make as i am busy on my kodular project

created:joy: but have no idea for its properties
what shoud i add
Warning - I am not sure that it will be free:grimacing:

I would suggest you to make something different. There are already 3 extension(including mine) on dynamic component.

and also the extension from me does support horizontal arrangement.

Ok no problem :smiley:

Ya i seen but many features are missing and secondly i dont have any extension to make and lastly i am also learning

You don’t need many features
Just horizontal
Arrange the elements inside it
Neither click nor anything
Supposed to be taken from app inventor

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