The "if" command doesn't work


I give the necessary information below. I would be glad if you can help. Thanks.


Video Kaydedici 1

Açılır_Liste1 : Spinner
Kart_Görünümü : Cardview

What problem you faced actually ? Post in English.

And is there any need of for each loop ? I think it can do without it anyways post your actual problem in english

I don’t know enough English. I have 43 Card Views in my project. So I think it would be better to do it this way. My problem is that all the “if” commands run sequentially when I click on any cardview.

why do you need to put “for each” loop? i didnt understand

It takes up too much space. I want to handle it all with one block.

Then make a list of notice and show list according index of card click

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Remove the for each item block

In the place of get item just use get component

Thanks this worked.

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