The "iWant list"

Sure :wink:

Just a small note: If you’ve noticed here, I’m helping you guys to add all Android studio components and features to Makeroid, so people will prefer using Makeroid instead of app inventor.


I try something today for that.
But the option is only available for devices with api >=23 (Android 6.0)

Too we can not change the statusbar icon colors.
All we can try to add is this option that allows users to use light or dark icons.

That’s what I meant actually. The app icons on the status bar, right?

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Yes, I will try it.

Great! I love whislists! Let’s see… There is some things that already exists.

About new components:

For example, material card now exists as an extension made by @Andres_Cotes. It requires a minimum of likes to be liberated, though. By the time of writing this reply, it needs only 42 likes more! You can check it and maybe promote it a little bit at:

By TextView, do you mean textbox? You could check this extension (also made by Andrés). Available free at:

In the meantime, you could use an horizontal arrangement and a label with text “”, set the height to fill parent and the width proportionally to the progress you want to display.

You can use a blank label as well, I don’t think there is need for a component for that.

With the ToggleButton there is a workaround (with a button and images), but it is way more better with a component for that. I haven’t used the StackView and the ImageSwitcher, but if they can be added, the are welcome!

About some features

You could check this extension:

For animations, I think this extension is useful too.

Also, exists a premium version:

Somewhere I read that this is being developed by the AppInventor team!


I’ve never seen that. :thinking: Sounds interesting. It’d be greatly appreciated if you could find a link for that. :wink:


I haven’t heard that too. But is that possible for you to do before App Inventor @conor? (Maybe next release?)

Hello Carlos,
Thanks for replying. I would like to start saying that this wishlist is prepared for Makeroid @admins so they can add those extensions to Makeroid itself.

(By the way, also didn’t know those extensions existed. So, thank you for sharing with me.)

As I know, implementing extensions to Makeroid is easy as it’s code is already written by the developer. So I’m requesting from the team to import all this extensions to Makeroid.

Let me start with my replies:

As you’ve said, it needs likes so I would have to wait for it to get enough likes. But I need immediatly. But I will definitely support it. As we can see from the screenshots they provided, it’s not very “High Quality”. Makeroid Developers would do it better. So in this case, if they create themselves it will be awesome. As FAB exists on Makeroid, to improve and support Material Design, CardView is something essential.


Yes, sorry for the naming. Used to say names from Android Studio.


Actually, I mean the “Material Design” spinning and horizontal progress bars.

Spinning Progress Bar:*


Horizontal Progress Bar:*

*Images from internet.


I already do like that. I just included that in the list because that component exists in Android Studio and it’s really useful. Instead of having infinite BlankLabel texts around the project eating the RAM :laughing:.


Also that Themes extension is good. That should be in Makeroid.


Also animations should exist as an option too.


Shoutout to Makeroid @admins, include all these new features with the next release and code it 3.0.0 with a brand new logo design, and splashscreen :slight_smile: it would be cool.

So, who wants new features with the next release (like a very big update including all bug fixes and these features.)

  • Me :raised_hands:
  • Not me

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I really appreciate if we have new features like all these in wishlist, but I think it’s too early to get them. Specially because when you insert a new feature, is common to come with bugs, and we have to wait another new release to correct all these bugs… I’d rather to correct all bugs and when we have a stable version, we could think about new features.

In fact, the BIG question is: Is it possible to put all features from Android Studio in Makeroid?

Just my 2 cents.


Yep, it’s possible. Already some of them are here. Just a few are left and they are on this list. If Makeroid Developers could check on this list and try to add them, all components will be completed. The only thing left is going to be adding more properties and fixing bugs.

If you think that there will be a lot of bugs, they could launch a beta testing on a subdomain like that is open for everyone and not only the MakerChamps group so everyone can participate and help resolve all bugs. After a beta release is ready to get published to Production, all issues would be fixed. How about this idea?

There are reasons why beta testing is for @ProKoders only and is kept private.


Is it possible for you to say one of those reasons? Just curious :slight_smile: @Conor

But this can be done easily with the Label component. Just set the height to 2 pixels or so and when you load something, set the color to blue and the width to 0 percent. With the progress change the Label.WidthPercent to the percentage you have loaded


Good solution, but I suggested the component itself to exist, like in Android studio. :blush:

If we can do something current, then we don’t need urgently or necessarily a new component.
The same with your space component.
We don’t need that’

We can do the same with a label.

And if we add a “space component” there would be no difference to the label component.


Ok, the space component is not necessary all right.

But these are important for every Makeroid user:

  • CardView: For viewing information in a better design.
  • ProgressBar: The most important one (can be done with the label component by setting a background color and width percentage, but doesn’t matter, we need the Material Design animation (intermediate one) and the vertical spinning one.
  • Animations: There is an extension for that but if you could implement inside Makeroid it would be cool.
  • Live Text Code Editor ★★★ (IMPORTANT!!): This one is a must have feature. Probably a lot of people would use it :slight_smile:.

Others are not that necessary, please but please just try adding these. Animations are already ready with an extension. CardView is ready but it’s easy to do (it needs likes to become available). Live text editor is just going to access inside the apk file and get the file.

Thanks for everything, hopefully you’ll be able to implement these easily without encounting with bugs :slight_smile:


you mean the features of App Inventor in a text based IDE, right? I mean that’s a hell lot of work and I don’t think this belongs to this platform. App Inventor and its derivatives are for people who don’t know to code, but still want to develop apps. For people who can code (e.g. Java) there are other ways to develop apps (e.g. Android Studio, Eclipse and the Java bridge).


Yes, I know that. And you’re %100 right.

But for people who want to see what’s happening in the background, it would be very useful.

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Please give us some time as we don’t want to hurry up making new components which are incomplete. Also, there are many hurdles for us as we can’t dedicate full time on this.