The "iWant list"

Good solution, but I suggested the component itself to exist, like in Android studio. :blush:

If we can do something current, then we don’t need urgently or necessarily a new component.
The same with your space component.
We don’t need that’

We can do the same with a label.

And if we add a “space component” there would be no difference to the label component.


Ok, the space component is not necessary all right.

But these are important for every Makeroid user:

  • CardView: For viewing information in a better design.
  • ProgressBar: The most important one (can be done with the label component by setting a background color and width percentage, but doesn’t matter, we need the Material Design animation (intermediate one) and the vertical spinning one.
  • Animations: There is an extension for that but if you could implement inside Makeroid it would be cool.
  • Live Text Code Editor ★★★ (IMPORTANT!!): This one is a must have feature. Probably a lot of people would use it :slight_smile:.

Others are not that necessary, please but please just try adding these. Animations are already ready with an extension. CardView is ready but it’s easy to do (it needs likes to become available). Live text editor is just going to access inside the apk file and get the file.

Thanks for everything, hopefully you’ll be able to implement these easily without encounting with bugs :slight_smile:


you mean the features of App Inventor in a text based IDE, right? I mean that’s a hell lot of work and I don’t think this belongs to this platform. App Inventor and its derivatives are for people who don’t know to code, but still want to develop apps. For people who can code (e.g. Java) there are other ways to develop apps (e.g. Android Studio, Eclipse and the Java bridge).


Yes, I know that. And you’re %100 right.

But for people who want to see what’s happening in the background, it would be very useful.

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Please give us some time as we don’t want to hurry up making new components which are incomplete. Also, there are many hurdles for us as we can’t dedicate full time on this.

@admins, today there are new requests for you. These requests come from other Makeroid users using the Community + my ideas.

I support all these ideas to be implemented into Makeroid. Other users would like them too.

New feature requests:


  • The lag on the blocks editor + design interface after lots of blocks have inserted. (probably you’re aware of this bug i included just in case. Another Makeroid community user have posted about this.) (reported by @maicol07:
  • The bug on the companion when the internet connection is slow. only blank buttons will display on the screen with no functions and labels on them. Not only buttons, every component will show without content. (reported by @TurboProgramming)

is it possible to make the compiler can build the app for both Android and iOS ?


i also hope that makeroid can add all components and features that Android Studio have , if they can do it , it would be great

i also hope that Makeroid can use without problems with mobile friendly interface on Mobile Device without a PC like Sketchware

i use Sketchware to make apps on my phone , but their features and components is less , althrough sketchware can add source directly , but it always cause error , so i hope that Makeroid can have a Mobile Friendly UI to make apps without a PC

Althrough we can use makeroid on mobile devices , but the UI is not mobile friendly and it causes problems
General selection (touch)
More options (touch and hold)
Pick, drag and drop (touch and hold?) )