The operation + cannot accept the arguments (), 1

Hi kodular’s
I have a problem with my app showing this message

And I have checked the AirTable and I can’t see any error with the blocks … Any help?
my blocks …

Please show us blocks where you have used + blocks
According to error you are adding a empty list that is not possible check your blocks where you are adding

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It is part of learning to read and understand error messages. It helps to find a solution.


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The addition operation has been permanently deleted, and currently there is no operation and the error still exists

At the beginning of the page opening there are no additions to the list … Unless after I get the information from AirTable, see the blocks again

Most probably somewhere you use global id + number . If this is the case then set global id to number and not to create an empty list

Then please show us your all blocks also with big image procedure

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Sorry i forget it

Have you checked what the global id contains
right click on global id block and Do it and check what it contains

Set it to 0


Well I don’t have your solution to your problem, but have a tip to reduce your blocks.

Set a local variable with the value of the dynamic component, and use the variable instead of the main block each time.

At least it will reduce 20-30 blocks of yours.

@mahmoudkamel as me and @dora_paz saying the problem is

and solution is


Thank you very much :heart:

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