The operation is list empty? cannot accept the arguments: , [*empty-string*]

I know this will occur when it is checking an empty string, I have also searched in the community. But the problem is, I let the app to check whether if it is a list, which I am sure it is a list instead of an empty string.

Reproduce: Use these blocks. the first time you open the project it won’t happen, but if you exit when you didn’t store anything in the TinyDB, and open again, the runtime error would occur.
This is my block.


I think you are getting error because you are searching an element in the list whereas TinyDB saved the data in the form of Dictionary.

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I don’t know why it is showing this error…
But you can use length of list…
Means if list length is 0 then it is empty else not…

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Let me try

I don’t really understand what do you mean by

Aia file can be sent to help you

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I mean to say that you’re selecting an item from list but saving it in the form of dictionary. :sweat_smile:

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Replace the configuration to a list

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Oh, I now understand. But I don’t think this is the problem. Anyways, thanks!

It’s not working, but thanks!

I tried, but there’s nothing changed. I think the global dict is not directly related to the problem, but thx!

Guys, I realized what’s happened. In the app, when you head back to screen1 it will save the current process, but there is something wrong with it. When it reads back the data from tinyDB, it shows error because the value isn’t a list.



Thanks to all help and time, it is my mistake.

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