TinyDB, List View and error (The operation select list item cannot accept the arguments)

Hello Friends
Excuse me for taking your time. I searched the community but got nothing. So sorry. Im creating To Do list app as shown in this link

But I stoped at the this point. can you please help me.
Problem is: Whene the app start i got error which says (image)

and this is screenshot

and this is aia if its needed.
test5.aia (420.9 KB)

Show the related blocks.
My assumption is that you are passing an empty list to ListView. Elements block

Im new in kodular community, and sorry but didn’t get your tips and dont know what should I do. I did as the youtuber said with little difference. She didn’t get any error but i did. I will appreciate your help by the way. :wink:

Change the following blocks



Thank you so much. You are amazing. I owe you. :sweat_smile:

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