"Select list item list index too large" problem

hi. im trying creating to the my first app in kodular. but i can’t handle this problem. i found same problems in community but i can’t solved. actually i have two problems:

when i enter data for the “iş föyü (work sheet)” list, this data also appears in the “numuneler (samples)” list. i want to create two separate lists, and this “…too large.” is i want to solve problem. thanks in advance.

ogadv2.aia (48.2 KB)

You have used wrong way of select list item list from tinydb. I have modified little bit,
Test this
ogadv2_1.aia (48.4 KB)

Tested with random data and I hope it works fine.


thx for ur helps. but its not working. when i return to screen 1 after entering data to the list in the “numuneler (samples)” section, i face the same problem.

i guess nobody knows the solution… .

Already provided solution in the previous screen… You have added wrong blocks to get values from tinydb. Try like ths (As did in prev post). I feel language difficulty with your app. if everything were in eng, we might have suggest you earlier… BTW, pls read what we have chnaged in your blocks and update it

well, thx.