The operation Picture cannot accept the arguments: , [*nothing*]

I’m trying to show an image in the image component through the Image Picker. When I select an image from my cell phone: “Select a photo” this message appears. When I select from a folder for example: camera, instagram, Photo Editor it accepts. Can you tell me why?


Images that give error when selected:

Images that appear when selected:

Hello @Carlos_Alberto_Leonel

I think this problem occurs because of your phone setting. I am not sure. Can you disclose the full block area pic. If Then I could help you?

Problem due to android version , try to join the block file:// in front of get selectiin

Selection path is empty or null. So joining file:// to a null path doesn’t gonna be worked.

Yea, @Sumit1334 I am also agree with you?
The Fill:// will not work.!

So I’ve already done this:
join: file:// + getselection and gives the same error.

Yes, This will not work…

Can you please disclose the all blocks you have set for this operation! :no_mouth:

But if the setting because it lets you select images from the camera?

Android version ? Also temporarily add a label and when image picker, after picking, set label to get selection and post the result here

Yea? That’s why I am asking for the blocks or the aia if possible.

Otherwise you can try what @dora_paz said… | But @Carlos_Alberto_Leonel is using Google Photos & the Google Photos version may be the recent one so his device was may be have Latest Android.

imagem_picker.aia (27.5 KB)

I did something very simple. When I click on Dismiss nothing appears in the label

Android Version: 9

Found the Problem

Problem with Image Picker, Let me fix this? Wait a Min…

Do you need the solution… :joy:

Go to Image Picker >> & Add a Text Value
Go to Screen1 >> Fill all the details Like ( Title, ete etc Make sure that are not blanked, If you don’t want to add any text then try using a SPACE )

It working…

If this works then Please mark this as Solution. Thanks

This is not a solution. Tested provided aia on Xiaomi Mi A1 android 9, companion and apk, runs perfect, could not replicate error.

Then I guessed the problem is in the phone setting

One question, Does Image Picker automatically ask for permissions. May be Not? He have to set this I think…

One more thing check with another image…

Also try to test same image with activity starter. Does error occurs or not ?

So it worked. Now how do I save this image in firebase storage and then show it in another image component? When I do this without using Activity, doing that process that gave an error, I get the “selection” I store in storage and then in “Upload Success” I get the url and save it in Firebase Database. How Activity would look like?

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Is this related to Save to Firebase Database the url of the image or text stored in Firebase Storage?

So the problem is in Image Picker that due to this problem I can’t select an image from the photo gallery, just for camera. You showed another alternative which would be the Activity Stater. I want to create a portfolio of my professional, that is, he will add at least 6 images of work he has already done, save to the cloud (Firebase Storage) so that his client can see them later. It’s like a business card, but only with images.
I already know how to save the images in firebase storage and get the url to save in the database. With Activity Starter if I put the Result URI in the Firebase Storage upload file it doesn’t accept.
Anyway, if I solved the imagepicker problem I wouldn’t need to go here to ask for help.

Dora, if it’s too complicated, I’ll give the professional the option to just take a picture and store it on Storage. It would be interesting if he could select the images but as it’s giving an error, I’m going to abandon the idea