The operation yail-divide cannot accept the arguments: , [*empty-string*], [120]

I just replied

I didn’t realize if I have changed something. I changed it from Designer’s properties

Can you try changing this block to any math number block

blocks (4)

Use Do it to debug your blocks, most probably berat_pcm_formula is empty

I don’t understand. Can you show it to me? Sorry I’m a newbie

still same

Or temporarily when click set total_formula test to berat_pcm_formula2.text to see the result and check if it empty

do it

it shows like this, so what should I do?

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How do you calculate berat_pcm_formula2 ?

berat_pcm_formula2 is no.8 (duplicate from no.7) *see app screenshot above

berat_pcm_formula2 is just duplicate from berat_pcm_formula

below is the Do it from :

do it 3

So actually the problem is caused by berat_badan.text

So how to fix it?

@dora_paz Here is the aia file. Could u explore it and tell me the correction?
pcm dose.aia (10.0 KB)

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Check this one

pcmdose2.aia (10.1 KB)

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Move blocks to top



Mee too done that same thing in the aia :relieved:

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@Anu10 @dora_paz It works now! Thanks! Could u tell me, how the position can fix the error?


The procedure when you add first it is performed first before the next blocks