There is no web API key for this project, Firebase

Hi kodular buddies, I’m having a problem with Firebase.

I have a project that is working perfectly, Firebase allows me to have a web API key for my project, because without it I cannot do data management with kodular.

I recently created another project with the same account where I have my previous project and it doesn’t say “There is no web API key for this project”.

What happens in this case? Do I have to pay something for a package to have API keys in all my projects or am I doing something wrong?

For one firebase, only one web API key is enough. Sometime app will read default API key generated by the kodular app. Later will not work. So better copy your Firebase web API key and URL then use the same in all of Ur project

Are you saying that the same API key from my first project created in Firebase can be used for all the projects I create with the same account?

Yes . Of course

Thanks very much buddy

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