This project is broken.pls help me

What is the name of your app?

Describe your app:

App Store/Download link:

g0dconventer.aia (571.4 KB)

who can help me
i’m not good at english

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i cannot see any block

This is an extension, but the extension isn’t imported.if you need this extension in your app, download and import it. This error won’t show up again.

it still broken

No backup on your computer?

Since there’s no blocks here you can delete the screen, probably there’s a UI created then you can copy and duplicate the screen.

i try to copy

can i use notepad to fix this?
i can see data

g0dconventer1.aia (637.4 KB)


i check my aia
how can i fix it?

omg thanks your help!!!
very thank you
how do you do that?

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