TikTok App with Video Editing And With Watermark (all feature available) BUG FIXED

Dish Dash (TikTok) - short video

Tiktok like app with video editing feature and Watermark


>Video Editing After Upload

-Slow Motion
-Fast Speed
-Shake Effect
-Fade Effect
-Glitch Efect
-Reverse Video
-volume Adjust

>Custom Watermark

-You Can set custom watermark For Your app while Sharing Video

>Fast Video play

>Upload Video From Gallery or Direct Record Video

>Following Section

-You Will all Videos of users who you follow

>For You Section

-where you see all videos

likes ( with animation)



share(circular animation)

Cool Splash Screen

My videos

Visit account

search account

>All Custom notification

-liked you
-started following you
-unfollowed you
-unliked you

>Explore page where you see trending videos

-Edit Profile
-edit name
-edit profile picture
-edit bio

About Database

Airtable Or Mysql
You Can Choose
Mysql Is underdevelopment

Full SetUp also be Provided


Demo App :- Dishdash(tiktok)Updated.apk - Google Drive

Price 30$ / 2000rs ( if u dont feel justice with this price please pm about it )

Contact me via pm For AIA file


Please remove your personal info, if anyone is interested, can always send you a pm


Nice app.

Some bugs:

Add comment text box is not visible properly.

Ok ill fix that

The app looks good and features loaded, I will try it :grin:

Btw, you can’t post person information, remove it and ask for PM.

And you would like to give credit to Extension dev. If used any.

Thanks , and ill do it

You have all features. Try to changed ui.

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Using the word TikTok and using a simular logo could get you into trouble with TikTok. I removed your personal info.


APP name is dishdash and logo is also different from tiktok

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I think otherwise and lawyers may think otherwise also. Why take the chance of getting into legal trouble?


Your app is soo Good…
I don’t know how to PM you…

I’m sorry about my question, but this is not a violation of copyright ? Surely the logo that tiktok is patented and registered.

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if anybody want to buy they can use any logo they want

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if you want to buy this aia then you can use any logo as u wish which is non copyrighted

I have understood you perfectly. But I need to please understand my point of view. If a beginner member buys your aia file, they give it any name with a logo like the one you used and upload it to the play store. Could you tell me what would happen …?
Copyrights are not a joke for that reason they were created.
I suggest you please change the logo and images of the first post. Greetings.

Edit: The application was created with Kodular who will also have legal problems !!!


actually the logo is not related to tiktok , i used glitch effect to create logo , if any user buys this aia ill provide custom logo also

Good app but improve ui

Nice app but need to improve some UI & Bugs

Bug : Follow/Unfollow Problem
Bug : After Follow/Unfollow app laggy for 3-5 sec

Solution for it:
You are subtracting number and the alphabet together ( 400M - 1 ) so it’s should be ( 4000000 - 1 ) so replace the alphabet when you are subtracting.
Same problem with me so I also posting image here

Yea sure ill do that