Timer Interval Instant

Hi, I’m trying to reset the timer interval to the initial value every time the user presses a button. I’ve tested some methods, but I don’t think it works correctly.

If press button = clock enable and timer interval = 7000

but if the clock is already enabled, the timer interval value does not return to its default value.

Set the default value or reset value at the time of when clock timer enabled to false

Yes, it looks like I need to set clock = false, then back to true to reset to default value. But I would like to know if this method really works

If the user presses the button again it will start with interval of 7k. Don’t worry… carry on and test it

it seems to me that this method does not reset the clock value if it is already enabled. I tried some method to measure the timer value every instant to check it, but there is no such method, just to know the timer value of the smartphone system.

Do not work ! :pensive:


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