Timesheet calendar

Hello everyone, I want to create a timesheet calendar application. But I do not know how to store a large array of data on the device. It should be every day of the year, hours worked, hourly monthly rate, etc. Any ideas? thanks!

Save it in tiny db with different tags

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alternatively use the SQlite database


Who can tell me how to get the difference between the hours accurate to the minute

use the clock component from the sensors drawer together with its methods, see also the documentation Sensors

I understood how to set the selected time. How to get the difference between two time values ​​in the format XX hours XX minutes, for example: 14 hours and 13 minutes,or 14:13 have passed

What have you tried? Show the blocks you used.

Yes, now I can only set the selected time. But how to get the difference between the two values ​​of the selected time in the format of XX hours XX minutes.
Test1.aia (14.1 KB)

Just post your blocks. Few uses have the time to download, import and test your aia.

Ok, here are my blocks. Here the date and time β„–1 and the date and time β„–2 are set. I don’t understand how to get the time difference between β„–1 and β„–2 in the format HH: mm. For example: after set 1.03.20 8:00 and 1.03.20 19:36, i need to get the result 11 hours 36 minutes or 11:36