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I tried this extension 2 days ago.
The Get India Time returns GMT, but IST is GMT+5:30.

As the extension dev is suspended from the community, i didn’t bother to mention it :sweat_smile:

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If you dont mind, Can you tell me how to get online time alone in my app? community forms gave date and time but i want time alone

You have right to create a topic in community.So use it.


I found a blocks and web site to show online clock in app…

Kode It With Kodular.


Get online time have any limitation?

No limitations

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Ok than you

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Just use this block without mistake it needs three label, and you can hide.

Working nicely so far without problem

In designer page untick timer always fire for clock1

Is it working fine??

I am getting in correct time…

maybe a bug you cant do anything because developer is suspended

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Oh ho… I got time from world clock API website , but though it displays time sometime it shows error message in pop up. So, if I display online time via extension mean no such a error message na , that’s why I tried this …

you can try using clock component

But user can change it…that’s why we are moving to online time. I am creating app for my school , to distribute question paper in online and will close automatically after sometime. So system clock won’t fit for it.

clock component also gives online time @Still-learning

On Line time always limitation

clock component does not have limitations

Isn’t?? I thought it gives only system time. Oh, God … Tm I will try to use it. Thanks for the information @luv.ak.tech

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