Get Online Time and Date using web

You can also use this method using this web Click Here.

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Ya cool…

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hi @Alapjeet
I want to use this method to get time and date in my app so i have two question
The user can hack this date and time ?
The google will send copy write because i am using another web link ? (publishing in play store)

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Nope… No one can change time because the response is connect with website not with any system clock…Not sure about copyright…

Because I used this method to get hashtags for Instagram in my app … & published that app on play store…

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Why it is not taking seconds

kumar1334sumit check

This method is only taking date

From One Of My Projects.
blocks (5)
blocks (7)


You can Drag the above Block image on your Workspace and you are done.

All fine br0 but how to get AM or PM


Time i think is in 24hr format,
Getting AM and PM out of it easy.

If time format is in 24 hours then I dont want am or pm but I think time is not in 24h format

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All done my freiend thnxs


Use A Different API

finally i got Online time with this blocks in 24hr format

web1 address: Current Local Time in Kolkata, West Bengal, India

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how can i make a clock like this?

This is also a method for IST (24 hours format) time display or get the time in your app.

Where I use this website to get online time and set it to web url.

Hope this method also helps!

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How to get the Date?

can i ask?, what if i just want to get the time without a date