TinyWebDB has stopped working

I’ve been using TinyWebDB since April 2022, thanks to the help of
dora_paz and its guide tutorial (“Hosting your own TinyWebDB”).
The guide suggested using AwardSpace and FileZilla to get the “Service URL”
to be inserted into the TinyWebDB properties.
And it worked until two days ago. Now it’s stopped, the Service URL
(“http://gioca.atwebpages.com”), created at the time, no longer works and I can’t
use remote databases.

In Italy I bought a Hosting service.
Can you tell me how I can use TinyWebDB to create databases with this service?
How can I get the necessary “Service Url” from them?

Thanks in advance to those who will give me a hand. Thank you from Sicily.
Germano Maniscalco

TinyWeb is just a couple of files (php & txt) just upload them to your hosting and point the url in the component

You replied like this: “TinyWeb is just a couple of files (php and txt), just upload them to your hosting and point the url in the component”.
I don’t understand, what should I do? What do you suggest?

Thank you.
Germano Maniscalco

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Then. My situation is this:

  1. I have a hosting service in Italy and, therefore, I have to start with
    “point 2. Upload files.”
  2. I installed FileZilla 3.66.1, but I don’t know what VPS is.
    In the guide it says that, if I already have a Hosting service (and I do) I don’t need AwardSpace. However, to move on, I read in the guide that I have to go back to AwardSpace 22 to get credentials.
    And here I got lost because, already having a Hosting service other than AwardSpace, I don’t use AwardSpace.
    Please help me
    Germano Maniscalco

Just access your hosting by ftp or from the web console and upload the files (txt, php) to a directory and set the permissions for it

I received an email from AwardSpace. Shown below between " ":
“We regret to inform you that your free hosting account with client ID 4086687 has been disabled in order to protect our free hosting environment from over usage of the available system resources.
Unfortunately, on the free hosting servers the resources are very limited and your website appears to be consuming too many resources for that environment. To keep your website running from within our infrastructure, you will need to upgrade the account to a paid hosting plan, where more server resources will be available at your disposal.”

They told me that I would take up a lot of resources. That’s not true, just a few individual pieces of data to be able to exchange them on the network. The truth is, they want you to switch to their paid service, from the current free. Since I already pay for a hosting service with an Italian company, I prefer to use theirs.

But, following your guide, I can’t understand and run the guide from the point: 2) Uploading files.

Thanks from
Germano Maniscalco

[What are these files (txt, php) ? And what are these permissions?
Thanks, please
Germano Maniscalco

Download file zip

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