TinyWebDB Server written in PHP

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We release today an alternative to the classic TinyWebDB installation.
I’ve created a new TinyWebDB server written in PHP. This means that you can just find any free website hosting provider and upload it there. You will have your dedicated TinyWebDB service for free, and it’s really easy to use!

Just download the files in a ZIP, and upload them to the root of your public_html directory. Then, in your project, change the TinyWebDB URL to your new website, and it’s done!

Detailed Tutorial


BTW, this is compatible with any AppInventor distribution, not only with Makeroid
You can use it in any other platform :blush:



Keep up the good work.


And I already have the answer why I haven’t used a normal database such us MySQL or SQLite :sweat_smile:

I first thought about using it, but I wanted very simple so anyone can setup his own TinyWebDB. So I finally decided to use a static file (the access to it is forbidden by Apache, so its secure) as it saved storage and was much simpler to configure


TinyDBWeb is alternative of MYSQL?

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Could you make a little guide for this? With some example blocks.

When i want to store a value it says. “Communication with the web service encountered a protocol exception.”

When i want to get a value it says. “Value not of type java.lang.string cannot be converted to jsonarray.”

My database.txt stays empty.

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If the database URL contains HTTPS it might stop your app from communicating with it.

using http. But i saw i made a mistake in the url name it is getvalue.php and storeavalue.php with the extra a.

The communication error is gone now. The rest stays the same. I will wait for an example. :sunglasses:


not really
it uses tag/value pairs like TinyDB
see also the documentation Storage - App Inventor for Android


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I have the same error: “Communication with the web service encountered a protocol exception.”

I’ve just pushed a few commits:

I tested it in a project and now it seems to me working fine :+1:

I’ll make a small tutorial in a few minutes to set up an own server


Hello I am trying to use Tiny Web DB but it showing this Error {communication with the web service encountered a protocol exception}

Are you using HTTPS or HTTP?
What’s the URL of your server?

same here with the error :communication with the web service encountered a protocol exception
using http , url: http://fleettinywebdb1.epizy.com/

I have a https website can i use it?

Hey guys finally after experimenting i got it to work, if you are experiencing protocol exception, try go into both php script and change the check request method from POST to GET, i get it working after changing that!

Edit: Sorry apparently is just me connecting to the another tinywebdb, it didnt work actually :stuck_out_tongue:

I Fixed the web service encountered a protocol exception, The Solution :

When Storing Value :
Set the URL To The storeavalue.php file and Store the value

When getting a Value :
Set the URL To the getvalue.php file and It will Get the Value!

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Didnt work for me sigh

What Happened ? Can you show the blocks? Did you follow what i said?

You understand that your method only makes it so your can use the GET method?