Title Bar Back Button color

Can we chnange the color of Title Bar Back button somehow ? I was not able to find any option, it is just white, I have White Title Bar and it is not visible in it

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Better you create your title bar using Horizontal Arrangement.

It will take lot of efforts to design title bar at each screen, though i have designed it on 1 screen using horizontal arrangement,

copy screen is the best option.

What will be the height of horizontal arrangement to create custom tittlebar.

I know this but i have already designed screens and components, so it is not a good idea,

well that is up to you, do some experiment with it on live test. In my opinion, 7 or 8 percent height would be fine,

Thanks for helping me And have a look at this :arrow_heading_down::arrow_heading_down::arrow_heading_down:

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ya it is looking great ! nice work !