To switch language in Spinner

hi guys,

I have tried either one with shown blocks but doesn’t seems to be working.
I need to refresh the companion only then the spinner2 selection will follow back the spinner1 selection.
But is it possible to switch language in Spinner?

Try something like this and see if it works for you

hi @dora_paz,

thank you for your earlier suggestions and i did modified abit from there, since i’m having multiple screens.
tested can work where different language can appear on the spinner list, but i’m facing another problem after that.

  1. language switched in Screen1 then i go to circled menu
  2. in different screen, the spinner still maintained the selected language
  3. problem happens when i selected either one of the selections, then the text for the title and button will disappear.

  1. even i go back to Screen1 and re-select another menu and go to different screen again
  2. the spinner language will back to English

for the blocks, i’m using as shown below, and both “multilanguage” and “spinner_language1” Procedure blocks already initialized under the particular screen name.

i have tried and not sure how to make the spinner selection will follow the previous screen selected language, and prevent the texts for title and button from disappearing.
wondering if you have any idea that can solve the problems above? :pray: :pray: :pray:

anyone can help please? :pray: :pray: :pray:

After making selection from spinner1 do you save values to tinyDB ? For example


hi @dora_paz,

Yes, can say in all three screens have this same blocks like below.

And for other labels and text are defined using blocks below.