Select language dialog

I want to show select language dialog when app opened for first time.

I have taken ver. Arrang. For selection of language with 3 buttons as 3 languages.
Set as non visible.

Another 3 vertical scroll arrangements are taken, set non visible, and makes visible, when selected any one of the language.

It is working when i open app for first time.

Suppose i selected button1 then, this language dialog will disappear and vertical scroll arrangement1 will appear, data stored with tinyDB.
When i open app for second time then vertical scroll arrangement1 should appear but not appearing, blank screen is appearing.

In your procedure, you are setting your “vertical_arrangement1” visibility to FALSE when the app is open for the second time. I think you should put in the ELSE condition “vertical_scroll_arrangement1” visible to TRUE.

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Not working

Hello, try this
Sin título

In the else selection you forgot to set visible=true your scrolls if K is not 1

Good Luck


As per your blocks, when i click button 1 then all 3 scroll arrangements are appearing.
Not working.

I am providing aia file if anyone know how to set blocks then plz try.
K.aia (3.4 KB)

I think this is what you wantK.aia (3.8 KB)

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Thank you so much…

Your blocks helped 90%.
It is working as i want after setting these blocks.


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