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I HAD Made an application. when i opening application after login it’s work but 2nd time i open application after show splash screen n show also login screen then open main screen

Where is tiny db store value block?

When user first time open app and login then store value to tiny db.

On second time, when get value is equal to stored value then direct open main screen else show him login screen.

This is block

Use tiny db Store value block when login success.
You can store any value like number or letter for just matching purpose.

We will trigger event just by matching the value from tiny db.

Here i am storing 1 and it works.

If tiny db get value is blank that means user opening app for firest time then show him login screen else open another screen.

m use same mth… 1time open login screen n 2nd time m open application not opening any screen only splash screen is showing blocks (33) blocks (32)

You are not using else condition.

In screen initialize event use if, then and else condition. In else condition, use open another screen Menu.

Like this block

it’s working but after splash screen showing login page then open menu what is reason.

Explain your problem in detail.

Have you using seperate screens for splash, login, menu or using arrangements in single screen.

Its better to post a screenshot video.

3 Different Screen 1st is Splash 2nd in Login 3rd Menu when i open application after login when 1 scr is showing & with login scr also n then open menu scr.

Ok when you open app for first time> splash screen>login screen>login success> menu screen.

When app openend second time> splash screen> menu screen.

you have to do login event in splash screen to open direct menu without showing login.

For this use two vertical arrangements, one as splash (if you are using custom splash )and second as login layout.

Set login to non visible and splash to visible.

Use clock timer. When timer end set login to visible and splash to non visible.

It’s working now

Yes this happens because you are using seperate screens.

Do as i said in above post. Make splash and login event in one screen by using arrangements.

Thank u so much for support it’s working now

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