Opening different Screens when logging in

Hello Friends how i have tried this but nothing happens when logging in kindly assist

in checking if there is something wrong with my blocks Regards.

What is this, you have set two types of loggin screen?


If so, app will respons to the last added item mostly…

No they two 1 and 2 but when i try to log in nothing happens

Its so so that the screen opens based on the users credentials on firebase data base

@Eeugene try removing one open screen block and you will get that even if the app is opening new screen or not

And also can you tell me what is the main problem I am not getting what is the error

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Hi aditya am trying to create a situation ware if a user registers as a rider and it is saved in database it should only open a riders screen the same goes for the rest of the screens

Here is the problem means same function with others ??