Firebase Authentication Get current user block

Describe your issue

Trying to update user info at triggered events of the “Get current user” block but while testing it skip the blocks that sets the user data and the store value on the tag “Funcionários” from the Firebase_Database block and just execute the block “Open another screen with start value”.

Steps to reproduce the issue

Click “Save” button in my app

Expected Behaviour

Update user profile and store values in Firebase Database

Actual Behaviour

openning another screen without executing the other blocks

Show your Blocks

Android version

I’ve testing my app at Android 8.1.0

You have your blocks reversed

You should be setting the labels and text blocks with GET blocks . not set blocks.

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But the thing is that I actually want what the blocks are saying, to let the user set the current user profile picture, name, e-mail and phone number.
This data aren’t set already, if this is not the correct method, how can I set these user data?

However those blocks are returned after a user is selected. So what you do is set textblocks for each of the values from the elements of the user block, and say to the user that they can “change” their information if they want, or submit it.

Make sense?

Sorry but, no. Can you gimme some example using blocks?

Ok Lets try this. Cna you please step out, step by step what you are trying to do. I want to make sure I understand clearly. I will block it for you.

Yeah, lets do it!
Step1 - User Sign up with e-mail and password
Step2 - User fill up personal data and build his profile
Step3 - Everytime user logs in the app loads his personal data and display profile picture, username, etc…

Every step occurs in different screen

Why is everything in a different screen? You don’t need multiple screens. Nearly every reason you give, I can tell you why you dont :slight_smile:

The reason is, I tought I was doing the right thing haha!

Well lets start off by thinking of two things

  1. Procedures are great to perform tasks
  2. You can make things visible and invisible,

Example . You can have 10 buttons on the same spot, by just cycling what is visible and when.

So lets try this. Start a new project and all it does is the registration, use only one screen, and I will help you with the blocks.

Start from scratch cause you need to rethink it.