Firebase Storage data not sending from one screen to another

I am collection some of users info and want to show them in their profile screen. SO I have done these blocks . Their data is saving on my firebase database but not showing on their profile screen where i want them to show.

This image above is the signin/signup screen blocks. From here I’m collecting data.
In the below image it is the profile screen blocks where I want to show the data but it’s not working.

Send aia. Need to check first

i don’t think it’s a good idea to send data to firebase and then request it instantly the phone might be faster than the internet and the data wouldn’t be there yet…

I recommend you set offline variables with the data and then send it to next screen using start value when it is a sign up, and in a better life why not do all the online work in the same screen you want to show the data in? so just move the variables with you and then upload them when the next screen starts

issue 1 . why you are calling diffrent firebase on profile screen like firebase1,firebase2
issue 2. you have set project bucket in singup screen as unique id so you need to set that id in profile screen as bucket for that you can pass it using tinydb or open screen value

when you solve this 2 issue you nee just set bucket as unique id and call get all tags bock when you got value set it in loop fore each function and seprate all data as you wish