Values not storing accurately

Hi koders
I am trying to store values inside user’s Number in firebase i created tags in sign up screen and then on another screen i gave values to those tags but instead of storing those values in that tags the values are saving as separate project. How can i fix it.
Screen shot of firebase

It cleary says you have not handled the firebase bucket in next screen properly.

While moving from screen1 to Screen2 use start value as firebase project bucket of screen1.

In screen2, set project bucket with this get value

It will work seamless

in 2nd screen i set project bucket as screen 1 and get value.tag Number but its not working. do i have to get All tags in 2nd screen…?

Show me your screen1 block (especially on button click to open screen2 blocks)

here is the 2nd screen blocks

I said screen1 blocks, also in Screen2 there is no get value block in screen init or while storing values into fb

and here is how i am storing tags in sign up screen

i am switching 2nd screen normally on button click.openAnotherScreen.ScreenName

You must adjust like this in screen1 amd in screen2



Thanks for your kindness. let me try it. and 2ndly do i have to get all tags in 2nd screen which i want to get values

No need. Design just like shown above. It will work. Blocks are just logical sequence that all…

In the above picture , screen1 is your login screen and screen2 is your home screen

Actually your problem is Name of tinydb tag

In login screen your tinydb tag name is NUMBER but in home screen you are recalling tinydb of tag name Number ,that why it is not saved in the same tag

Tinydb Tag name must match in all screens inorder to get it without problem

and what about 2nd screen blocks

Just chnge the tinydb tag name in your blocks . No need to make anyother change and try once again. Also close the screen properly while switching between the screens as shown above

its still not working :sneezing_face: . do i send you AIA in PM as you can take close look on the blocks

In your case empty value gets updated on Firebase check blocks once by setting every value in a label before updating

Values are storing in sign up screen but when i store values from 2nd screen those values gets stored separately not inside the sign up values

Tinydb tag name and firebase calling tag name are mismatching so that it doesnot work. Now fixed all

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