Value in firebase how to show it in other screen

How to move the value in firebase from one screen to another screen, how to show it in other screen, I am new here please show me some way

Suvicharmr.aia (161.2 KB)

There are two method.
1st : implement firebase blocks in 1st screen only and move the data using startvalue to other screen.

2nd : implement firebase blocks in both 1st and second screen

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blocks (20)
blocks (19)

I have tried both the first and second methods

Tell me two things
1: did you want to call different tag in different screens ?
2 :did you got value in screen 1st ?

If yes on both question than no need to call start value block with get value block in 2nd screen.

Just attach the value in screen 1st block" open another screen with start value ( your gotted value).
And just show it in 2nd screen

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Thanks for your suggestion, but I tried the solution you mentioned but it didn’t help

Is anyone interested in solving my problem