Open app from last screen

i was in screen15 and close my app.whin i open my app again the app must open screen15 not screen1 how to do that plz

When you open a Screen store the name in a TinyDB and when you start the app get the name out of it to open it again.

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In all the screen initialize just add store tinydb tag (last opened screen) value (screen name)

Do not change the tag name…

And in the screen1 initialise just call this tinydb , if it have value let it open such screen , if no value are there then let it be in screen1

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i do that
the app just store screen2 . in every time open screen 2 not open any other screen i dont k6 why

show us what you have tried in all the screens (i.e screen init blocks alone)

thank for ur help
its store
but how to do this : if teny have value or if it dont have value
i tried to do this without wrong but i cant i steal try
if u know till me and thanks very much

sorry, wrongly added…

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i just want to know what to put after if
if (teny have value) how to do this

if no value screen will be in screen1. suppose if it have anyother value then it will move to other na

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try like this,



u r great that exactly what i need
thaaaanks :heartbeat:
can i add u in any app exm discord

oh sure… no issue man…:+1:

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