How to create return to an already open screen

How to create screen already open screen , I mean I have send send to screen 1 to screen 2 then I went screen 3 if I click screen back press then open screen 2 with same value

I will give you hint

Use tinyDB in screen2.

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You can use tinyDB for store value.

Can u provide me block image please because me get start value is 1 to 9
Get start value 1
Get start value 2

Get start value 9
So how to store all in one tiny db

Another hint, use if else block

I have send multiple data in screen 1 to screen 2
Button click open another screen Screen 2
With value make a list
Select list item 1
Select list item 2

Select list item 9
Send to another screen
And screen to get start value is 1 to 9
So how to store all 1 to 9 value in tiny db

You said your answer. Then why you are struggling? How did you send data from S1 to S2 , the same store in tinyDB

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