Variable transfer

Can i use a variable from screen 1 in Screen 2, Is it possible?

Use tinyDB. You cannot get screen1 variable value into variable2 but it is possible with tinydb which can send data from s1 to s2 but tag name must be same

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What are you trying to achieve? Please post your blocks in order to get help

For example you can use tinydb as @Still-learning mentioned or you can use send start value . Depends on your needs

For example i have a label on screen 1 and i want to use it’s text on screen 2
Infact the start value is not verry useful because sometimes i want for example to use 2 or more things from screen 1 on screen 2 but the start value lets you pass only one thing

@dora_paz , @Still-learning has already mentioned that and you also marked the solution then why asking again?

Again this solution works only if i have to pass one value…

But i guess that this works for now

As a list…

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Ok Thanks.

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